William and Kate in no Hurry to Start Family

In No Hurry to Start a Family

Just in case you've been wondering about Prince William and Kate and a new baby, Prince William and Kate Middleton are putting off starting a family till some time next year so they're able to concentrate on the Diamond Jubilee as well as the London Olympics.

In spite of hopes of a Jubilee infant, sources close to the couple have said they're in no hurry to have a baby right now. "There's no urgent need for an heir - we already have two", says a source. "Will and Kate want to take things in their own good time." And I say good for them, enjoy each other.

Kate Attending Engagements on Her Own While William is Away

The news comes as Clarence House affirmed that Kate who is 30 will commence with solo official engagements next month, when her husband leaves for his initial tour of duty in the Falkland Islands.

"It will probably be a superb distraction for her and take her mind off worrying about Prince William." a source says, "At the moment, having a baby is definitely on the back burner."

The Duchess of Cambridge - who married Prince William last April will be the Royal patron of the following:

  • Art School
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Action On Addiction
  • East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices

The Duchess has also stated she will volunteer for the Scout Association.

Kate Wants to Know Them Intimately

Looks like she's going to be rather busy while William is away. She will pay a visit to all her patronages publicly at least once and continue to take a look at them privately. It is going to definitely be a hectic and busy period for her.

The reason Kate chose only a couple of charities is that she really wants to get to know them intimately. Which definitely is an excellent idea on her part.

William and Kate Middleton will likely be apart for 6 weeks in February and March, then they'll get ready for the Jubilee weekend in June. And in September or October they will plan to tour:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • The Solomon Islands
  • Tuvalu

William and Kate Get a New Puppy

New Addition to the Royal Family

William and Kate new black cocker spaniel puppy
William and Kate have falling head over heels once again however this time it is with a male cocker spaniel puppy that is about a month old.

Although in America you're not suppose to take a puppy away from the mother until they are 6 - 8 weeks old if I'm not mistaken so I don't really know how accurate the given age of this puppy is.

It looks a bit older than a month the way it's running around in this picture, I don't even know if a puppy that's only a month old can run around like that, anyway...

As confirmed on Tuesday, William and Kate have adopted the puppy with whom they were photographed with on a beach in Wales in early January.

"It's their puppy." a Palace aide says, adding that the Duke and Duchess, became acquainted with the puppy at Christmas time in Bucklebury, which is where the Duchess grew up and where her parents Michael and Carole still live.

A Cocker Not a Lab

William and Kate new black cocker spaniel puppy
The rumors they adopted a chocolate Labrador retriever are false, the palace verified saying that it is a male cocker spaniel puppy.

Although the cute puppy in the picture to the right is not Will and Kates, it is one very similar to how theirs will look.

I have heard that the puppy came from a litter of cocker spaniels from one of Carole Middleton's, Kates mothers good friends who lives near by the Middleton family and I have also heard that the puppy was from a litter of puppies belonging to Kates mother.

It should be noted that William and Kate, were not 100 percent confident they were ready to be puppy parents. At first, they'd just brought the little guy home for a short period of time to determine how things worked out with the new puppy.

However it did not take much time before they both fell in love with him. Prince William and Catherine fell in love with the puppy immediately and it wasn't long before they decided to keep the little guy who is now a part of the royal family.

No Name Yet

William and Kate new black cocker spaniel puppy
For some reason they will not release the name of the puppy (maybe they haven't named him yet).

Nor will they say why the couple chose a cocker spaniel as their dog. However since the breed is a favorite of the Middleton family who have had a family cocker spaniel named Ella for a number of years, I think we know why :)

As Kate and William take more outings with their new furry buddy, you can surely expect increased interest with the cocker spaniel breed.

The puppy is not the only four-legged addition to the royal family: In August Prince Charles and his wife Camilla acquired a Jack Russell Terrier they call Beth. And as is known by those in the UK, Queen Elizabeth is a well known lover of Corgis.