Prince William And Kate Middleton: The Royal Lifestyle Reinvented

Prince William And Kate Middleton: The Royal Lifestyle Reinvented

Are you curious about how the royals live? Well for those of you that are and that just can't seem to get enough of that gorgeous young royal couple across the pond, People Magazine has them on the cover and a really great article about them that's sure to peek your interest. Take a look at this article from one of my favorite sites

From their sweet PDA to their low-key domesticity in Wales, Prince William and Princess Kate are reinventing royal married life in surprisingly grounded – and romantic! – fashion. Whether taking part in the Diamond Jubilee (on June 5) or cheering Britain's track-cycling team on Aug. 2, William and Kate "are happy to show their emotions," says royal watcher Ingrid Seward.
"They are an epitome of the times." The royal couple managed to look regal, real and romantic all in one moment – and it wasn't just for the cameras. "They are [touchy] like that in private – completely," says a friend of the couple's. "There is nothing contrived about it."

For the first time in the 1,000-plus-year history of the monarchy, Kate and William are making royal marriage look truly fun. The young royals, both 30, "project a real image that the public can connect with," says Katie Nicholl, author of The Making of a Royal Romance.
"They are comfortable being spontaneous." Unlike the famously tense union between William's parents, Charles and Diana, William and Kate have built their marriage on more than a decade of friendship and trust.

More than a year into their union, the couple have struck a balance between the cozy domestic routine they so prize and the public life that comes with the crown. There's only one chef – and housekeeper – on duty at the couple's Welsh farmhouse: Kate, who cleans and whips up "recipes learned from her mother," says Nicholl. "She brings a sense of ordinariness that William always craved."

From the Queen to stepmother-in-law Camilla, Kate has managed to please some of the most intimidating relatives on earth. She's careful not to make brother-in-law Harry feel like a third wheel. At an event in June, "she deliberately held back to be with him," says Nicholl. "She is aware that, particularly in public, he needs a bit of support."

While William is a Royal Air Force search-and-rescue pilot in Anglesey, Wales, Kate enjoys her role as an officer's wife in London where she takes meetings and walks in Kensington Gardens. And then there are the dates they steal for themselves. "When you have to be in the spotlight so much, you do need to be able to disappear and just be normal," says a royal source. "That's very important to them."

More details on Will and Kate are in the 9/3/12 issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now....More at Prince William And Kate Middleton: The Royal Lifestyle Reinvented ...

I just love them together and I really love her smile. Here's wishing them the best and a very long and happy future together.

Prince William and Kate Are Having a Baby!

It’s baby making time! With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee out of the way, William and Kate have a plan. Read on!

Ok so maybe they're not having a baby yet but it looks like prince William and Kate are going to be adding to the royal family. I did a post on this a few months ago and now it looks as though they are ready to start a family :) well good for them. You can read more from one of my favorite sites,

prince william and kate are having a new babyKate Middleton has finally settled into her role as a princess and she’s ready to produce an heir for her loving and understanding husband, Prince William. Will she and William finally have the time to make a baby?

“William and Kate are putting all their effort into having a baby,” a member of the royal couple’s social circle told Life & Style magazine. “They would love to be expecting by the end of the year.”

Royal duties delayed the couple’s efforts to start a family sooner. The royal family didn’t want anything to overshadow the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or the London Olympic games.

Now that their obligations to wave and smile are over, for the time being, the couple have hunkered down in their Wales beach cottage — alone and out of the public eye.
“She just wants to hide away in Wales — out of the glare and the spotlight — and get on with producing the future king or queen of England,” the insider said.

Here’s hoping we hear little feet pattering across the palace floors soon!...More at Kate Middleton Pregnant? Wants A Baby With Prince William By ...

Well let's wish them the best of luck and hopefully there will be an addition to the royal family in the very near future.

The Duchess Enjoyed British Athletics’ Gold Winning Events

Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge Enjoyed British Athletics’ Gold Winning Events

Will and Kate had a grand ole time at the 2012 Olympics which were held in Great Britain. Especially since they were in attendance of several events were Brits won gold.

The following article is from the website

Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge at The Olympics 2012The Duchess of Cambridge was present and resolved to see Britain’s best track and field outcomes in 100 years. She sported a dark blazer and looked elated as Jessica Ennis achieved gold for the heptathlon. Ennis stated that she was very happy and she was thankful that everyone has supported her all this way.

Kate Middleton with Prince William saw Greg Rutherford obtained 13th gold medal for Great Britain by succeeding the long jump at 8.31m.

The hat trick arrived with Mo Farah securing the Olympic 10,000m title in duration of 27 minutes and 30.42 seconds. Mo Farah depicted the title as the best moment of her life.

Kate’s captivating style has been unbeaten at every match, proving her inclination for blending high street fashion with high trend.

The Duchess of Cambridge took part in the Tennis final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray at Wimbledon last day....More at Kate Middleton & Prince William's Baby Plans | Kate Middleton ...

I have always been a very big Olympic fan and this year was no exception.