Kate Middleton Gets A Gun To Protect Herself?

Kate Middleton Gets A Gun To Protect Herself?

Kate with a gun? You go girl, heck if someone threatened to kidnap my husband I'd get a gun too. And a rototiller and a pitbull and few big burly bold body guards. Girlfriend is taking martial arts too? Don't go messing with Kate if you know what's good for you.

The following article comes from the website celebdirtylaundry.com.
This week’s issue of GLOBE Magazine features the cover story ‘Pregnant Kate Gets A Gun.’  This news that Kate Middleton is pregnant and has been issued a gun will make headlines around the world.  

All Royal watchers have been speculating for almost a year about when Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge would announce that they are going to have a baby.  This child will be heir to the British Throne regardless of whether it is male or female.

The great news that Kate is now pregnant is tempered by fears for her safety.  With Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee celebration and the Olympic games coming to London this summer it is not a complete surprise that GLOBE reveals that there is a plot afoot to kidnap Prince William.  

Of course any threat to the future King of England also poses grave danger for Kate.  This explains why GLOBE also mentions on the cover that not only has Kate been issued a firearm for self defense but she is receiving special martial arts training as well.

We choose to focus on the positive side to GLOBE’S cover-Kate’s pregnancy.  Questions immediately arise as to how far along in her pregnancy Kate is and whether she is carry a boy or a girl.  We trust that the British Armed Forces are more than a match for any cowardly terrorists who would threaten our favorite Royal pair.  Let’s not forget that both Prince William and his stalwart brother Prince Harry are highly trained Royal Air Force helicopter search and rescue pilots.  As military men and backed up by a gun toting Kate we are assured of their safety.

We also feel compelled to mention that the last time a Middleton was anywhere near a gun things did not go so well.  Of course we are referring to Pippa Middleton‘s gun-crazed joy ride through the streets of Paris.  Another hot story featured on the cover of this week’s GLOBE exposes Antonio Banderas making time with a hot brunette.  GLOBE promises actual an actual photograph of bad man Banderas betraying Melanie Griffith.

We are impressed with GLOBE for discovering that Kate is pregnant and we can barely wait to read all the details in the print edition.  Once again GLOBE scoops their competitors and delivers the hottest news without mincing words.  But let us hope that the great news of Kate’s pregnancy is not be overshadowed by an evil plot....More at GLOBE: Prince Harry Going Into Rehab – Kate Middleton and Prince ...
I can see her now coming out on the front porch with that big ole shot gun, I wonder how she's gonna get that in her purse....

Kate Middleton Bullied By Prince William’s Cousins!

Kate Middleton Bullied By Prince William’s Cousins!

I have to say I find it really hard to believe that Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge would allow herself to be bullied by anyone. However bullying takes up many different forms and there are some that just are not avoidable. Such as inviting the sister of Prince Williams ex-girlfriend over for Christmas dinner. But hey, I guess that's better than inviting his ex-girlfriend over :P.

Ok that's not exactly what they did but close.  Hey I've seen these two and it's a wonder they're jealous, someone should really help them with their wardrobe.  The following article comes from the website celebdirtylaundry.com.

The beautiful Kate Middleton
It seems all those rumors about the only “blood princesses of their generation” Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie feeling a little left out of the royal cool kids’ club has been right on the money because Prince Andrew’s daughters are hitting Kate where she feels it most – her jealousy of Prince William’s ex-girlfriend.
I already reported that Prince Harry’s latest blonde, Cressida Bonas, is the half-sister to Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe – the girl William was infatuated with and even broke up with Kate for. Needless to say, Kate isn’t too keen having that reminder hanging around Kensington Palace and the princesses were the ones who put her there to gnaw at the future queen’s green side. In Touch magazine, print edition (via Celebitchy), reports:
Prince Harry and a beautiful blonde? It seemed like just another date in the life of the eligible young royal. But when the blonde is Cressida Bonas – half-sister of the woman Prince William once wanted to marry – and the matchmaker is royal cousin Princess Eugenie, palace insiders see Harry’s rendezvous as the most recent volley in the way between the Yorks (Eugenie, 22, and Beatrice, 24) and the Middletons.
“No woman makes Kate as insecure as Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe,” a palace insider tells In Touch of Cressida’s half-sister – for whom William left Kate for five years ago.
“Eugenie knew it would get under Kate’s skin,” adds the source, explaining that were things to get serious between Harry and Cressida, family gatherings would become excruciating for the duchess.
Why would Eugenie put Kate in such an uncomfortable position? The source says there’s been a royal battle brewing for quite some time: “There is no love lost between the sisters. They have nothing in common, unless you count Kate now being a member of the royal family.”
The source says it’s not entirely one-sided. “Prior to the royal wedding, Kate invited Beatrice to a party, but forgot to mention it was costume,” says the source. “Poor Beatrice was so embarrassed, she ended up in tears in the bathroom.”
Now that she’s part of the royal family – and a future queen – Kate knows such oversights are beneath her. But it won’t be easy to forgive and forget.
“Although Kate will have to socialize with the Yorks at royal events, they’ll never be good friends,” the source says.
Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie
God, these girls are dumb. Anyway, so the princesses are jealous of Kate. She  better get used to it. She can smile, make her jams and sausage and be as nice as she likes but that won’t stop girls from being sh-tty with her because she got William and the crown. Such is the life of a princess. Did you take a look at the pics of the royal family watching Zara Phillips ride during her dressage competition?
Kate and the princesses were at opposite ends of the line and when Kate passed them she gave them both kisses on the cheeks. I remember thinking how formal that was. Like wouldn’t you throw someone a “what’s up?” while you were sitting there for hours during that boring-ass event or even play musical chairs so everyone has a chance to catch up? Obviously the women weren’t in a hurry to hang. That’s the photo-assuming game I played at the time. And I wasn’t far off I guess.

Look, I get why the Beatrice and Eugenie are a little put out. Their royal duties are getting stripped and they have to get jobs! The Queen has a special relationship with them, but after she dies, Prince Charles has basically said it’s his family that’s taking over and everyone else needs to get lives. That’s put Andrew’s panties in a twist lately and I’m sure he’s voiced his displeasure to his unfortunate daughters. But what a low blow, right?
It seems the royal blood/aristocracy card is going to get played against Kate her entire life. It’s not enough that she’s going to be queen. She’ll always be a commoner to those people and they will never shy away from letting her know it. Cressida Bonas and her sister are blue bloods. It’s been well documented that Kate is not. Where’s Pippa Middleton when you need her?
Pippa needs to move into Kensington ASAP. Kate might not be able to put those snooty biotches in their place but I bet Pippa’s always down for a royal smackdown!
Do you think Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie matched Harry up with Cressida because they had his best interest at heart or do you believe the magazine and think they had some nasty, ulterior motives?
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